Normax to invest €30,000,000 in first Vax Factory for mRNA vaccine manufacturing in Dublin, Ireland

Normax is building a path for rapid growth of its global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. With €300 million capital commitment from a cornerstone investor for research, development and manufacturing of mRNA vaccines 

DUBLIN, Ireland. 19 November 2022 – Normax plans to invest €30,000,000 in its first Vax Factory in Dublin after recently securing a €300 million pre-IPO capital commitment to help drive down the cost of vaccines, save more lives and support long-term sustainable pandemic preparedness. Aiming to boost its presence and the development of affordable pan-Coronavirus mRNA vaccine boosters, the expansion of the business comes amid a busy year for Normax who plan to use the €300 million capital commitment to scale up mRNA Vaccine R&D for COVID, Tuberculosis (TB), HIV, Malaria and the inevitable outbreak of “Disease-X”.

Normax mission is to become a global market leader in mRNA Vaccine R&D and distributed manufacturing. Ireland is a favoured location for corporate headquarters and global business services. Dublin is the fourth most attractive European city to investors and is a world leader in key innovative sectors, including healthcare, technology, and research. Dublin rose in attractiveness: 17% this year compared with just 6% in 2021, according to EY European Investment Monitor 2022.

Until recently, the UK was considered a prime destination for many businesses looking to gain a foothold in the European market. However, Brexit has thrown these plans into uncertain waters and many organisations have had to reconsider their strategic growth plans. Ireland is one of Europe’s top 10 locations for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  Normax corporate headquarters in Ireland enables freedom and flexibility to innovate and grow in the global mRNA vaccine and therapeutics market. 

The pandemic is not over. Despite the end of lockdowns in many countries and more than 15 million COVID deaths so far, new variants are continuously emerging. During the pandemic supply and demand issues of vaccines arose with just 22.7% of people in low-income countries being able to receive only one dose of the vaccine. In the event of another crisis, global mRNA vaccine customers require reliable shipping and delivery. With a major international airport, Dublin is located on the East Coast of Ireland and is a crucial port with ease of access to the United Kingdom, The EU, Africa, and the United States.

Currently, leading COVID mRNA vaccine producers charge governments $8-$35 per dose. Normax plans to charge about $4 per dose for large scale delivery of safe and effective regulatory approved mRNA vaccines on advance purchase agreements. At Normax, the mission is to deliver 100 novel mRNA Vaccines and 100 Vax Factories in up to fifty countries. 

“Our plans to build our first Vax Factory in Dublin is a milestone in our ongoing journey of innovation and our growing footprint in Ireland. Dublin has the potential for a means of no end. We believe Dublin can enable Normax with a platform to deliver research and development of mRNA vaccines for COVID, TB, HIV, and Malaria whilst investing and deploying modular mRNA Vaccine Factories, in up to one hundred locations. In the event of another public health emergency, we are also committed to delivering future mRNA vaccines in 100 days, to help ensure that COVID-19 is the last pandemic we will all suffer through. Pathogens are inevitable, but diseases are not,” says Peter A. Jensen, CEO and Chairman of Normax. 

As well as research and development of the Universal Coronavirus mRNA Vaccine (UCV-mRNA), Normax is developing mRNA vaccine R&D and manufacturing strategies for TB and HIV, with the goal to end transmission of these deadly infectious diseases by 2050. 

About 2.4 million people die every year from TB and HIV/AIDS, with a combined estimated global healthcare cost of more than $120 billion per year – a future potential monthly healthcare cost savings of $10 billion dollars and 200,000 lives saved.

With closure of €300 million pre-IPO capital investment commitment, Normax now plans an initial public offering (IPO) with a listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange with digital Normax subsidiary company listings on SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)

About Normax 

Normax Biomed Limited is incorporated in Ireland. Not an offer to invest. See Red Herring Disclosure.

Outbreaks are inevitable. Pandemics are not. Normax is on a mission to be a strategic partner in the global ecosystem for transformative research, development, and manufacture of safe and effective mRNA vaccines for global public health and pandemic preparedness and prevention.

Vax Factory by Normax. With a focus on partnership and open science, Normax is and investing in the future of mRNA Vaccines through shared R&D, scientific expertise, agility, and innovation, for the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious disease and long-term sustained pandemic preparedness and prevention. Our vision is to create a Freedom to Operate (FTO) ecosystem for mRNA Vaccines, where research and development can co-exist with an established Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) factory network at large-scale, small-scale and micro-scale.

How mRNA Vaccines Work. mRNA vaccine technology is a transformative new sector of the biopharmaceutical industry which has revolutionised vaccine development through increased speed, safety and cost-effective development leading to the first approved vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic. It is estimated that over seven billion mRNA vaccines for COVID will be shipped by the end of 2022. mRNA technology allows researchers to fast-track the initial stages of vaccine research and development and thereby to produce safe and effective mRNA vaccines faster and more efficiently.

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