Normax partners with Medical Technologies Innovation Facility at Nottingham Trent University to offer access to BioXp system by Telesis Bio

The collaboration agreement with Normax Biomed Ltd, will enable The Medical Technologies Innovation Facility at Nottingham Trent University to accelerate the development and discovery of new mRNA vaccines and gene therapies.

24 January 2023 – Normax Biomed Limited (“Normax”) has launched a partnership with the Medical Technologies Innovation Facility (MTIF) at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) to offer access to its BioXPTM system by Telesis Bio Inc. and to innovate in RNA technology.

The BioXPTM is the world’s first commercially available end-to-end fully automated benchtop synthetic biology workstation created by Telesis Bio empowering scientists to accelerate discovery of new vaccines and biologics bypassing process limitations created by the turnaround time, cost, or complexity of alternative means of building or acquiring DNA and mRNA. The BioXp™ system provides over-night, automated synthesis of genes, clones, DNA libraries, and mRNA, enabling users to more tightly integrate design and build cycles, driving greater productivity and reducing time to answer.

MTIF is on a mission to help customers improve the quality of patient care by accelerating the development and commercialisation of medical technologies. Through this partnership with Normax, MTIF can offer the BioXPTM system to accelerate the development and discovery of new mRNA and DNA vaccines and biologics from building, cloning, and amplifying gene fragments to constructing DNA variant libraries in less than a day.

MTIF provides Normax with access to prototypes, laboratory testing, support regulatory filings, human analysis, and clinical trials. Together, this partnership will continue to facilitate the translation of innovations from bench to bedside.

NTU‘s work will be invaluable to Normax as they are considered to be a world leader, achieving the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education for its research in 2015 and 2021.

Currently, leading COVID mRNA vaccine producers charge governments $8-$35 per dose. Normax’s mission is to charge just $4 per dose for large scale delivery of mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases on advance purchase agreements (APA).

This exciting collaboration with MTIF is paving a pathway towards our mission to manufacture safe and effective mRNA vaccines for the world, enabling us to bring product into mass production. In the event of another public health emergency, we are also committed to delivering future mRNA vaccines in 100 days, to help ensure that COVID-19 is the last pandemic we will endure with such a global impact,” says Peter A. Jensen, CEO and Chairman of Normax. 

“We’re delighted to have signed this exciting collaboration agreement with Normax Biomed Ltd., enabling us to offer access to the BioXPTM in our MTIF facilities. This new technology which builds on our genomic sequencing capability and creates a value proposition in the research, development and discovery of future medical therapies including vaccines, will be installed at our MTIF facility in Nottingham and will be accessible to researchers, innovators from all sectors who are eager to create solutions for diseases and further develop personalised small-scale therapies,” says Dr Robert Reisel, Interim Managing Director of Medical Technologies Innovation Facility (MTIF).

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About Normax 

Normax Biomed Limited is incorporated in Ireland. Not an offer to invest. See Red Herring Disclosure.

Outbreaks are inevitable. Pandemics are not. Normax is on a mission to be a strategic partner in the global ecosystem for transformative research, development, and manufacture of safe and effective mRNA vaccines for global public health and pandemic preparedness and prevention.

Vax Factory by Normax. With a focus on partnership and open science, Normax is and investing in the future of mRNA Vaccines through shared R&D, scientific expertise, agility, and innovation, for the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious disease and long-term sustained pandemic preparedness and prevention. Our vision is to create a Freedom to Operate (FTO) ecosystem for mRNA Vaccines, where research and development can co-exist with an established Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) factory network at large-scale, small-scale and micro-scale.

How mRNA Vaccines Work. mRNA vaccine technology is a transformative new sector of the biopharmaceutical industry which has revolutionised vaccine development through increased speed, safety and cost-effective development leading to the first approved vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic. It is estimated that over seven billion mRNA vaccines for COVID will be shipped by the end of 2022. mRNA technology allows researchers to fast-track the initial stages of vaccine research and development and thereby to produce safe and effective mRNA vaccines faster and more efficiently.

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About Telesis Bio 

Telesis Bio is empowering scientists with the ability to create novel, synthetic biology-enabled solutions for many of humanity’s greatest challenges. As inventors of the industry-standard Gibson Assembly® method and the first commercial automated benchtop DNA and mRNA synthesis system, Telesis Bio is enabling rapid, accurate and reproducible writing of DNA and mRNA for numerous downstream markets. The award-winning BioXp® system consolidates, automates, and optimizes the entire synthesis, cloning and amplification workflow. As a result, it delivers virtually error-free synthesis of DNA and RNA at scale within days and hours instead of weeks or months. Scientists around the world are using the technology in their own laboratories to accelerate the design-build-test paradigm for novel, high-value products for precision medicine, biologics drug discovery, vaccine and therapeutic development, genome editing, and cell and gene therapy. Telesis Bio is a public company based in San Diego. For more information, visit Telesis Bio, the Telesis Bio logo, Gibson Assembly, and BioXp are trademarks of Telesis Bio Inc.

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