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Normax Equity Story for Listing(s)
in 2024.

The mission of Normax is to deliver profitable revenue generating products to enable our sustained investment in pandemic preparedness with highly efficient and effective mRNA technology for mRNA R&D and modular/distributed mRNA product manufacturing.

How is Normax delivering sustainable business for our core pandemic preparedness innovation and mRNA biomedical product pipeline?

We achieve this requirement by deployment of Generative AI-enabled healthcare data services to drive investor momentum with two core products: MedicalGPT and BioSecureGPT

Adapting and innovating in the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, safety, efficiency and accuracy is paramount to success in today’s rapidly changing biotech environment.
Robust financial planning, execution and management is vital for growth and QIB investor confidence and commitment. Normax financial, audit and legal advisors are best-in-class.

€300,000,000 Cornerstone QIB Investor (legally binding contract)

Normax has engaged a cornerstone investor with a legally binding €300 million share subscription facility (SSF). Global Emerging Markets (GEM) is an innovative $3.6 billion independent alternative investment fund in New York, Bahamas and Luxembourg.

Market listing(s) of Normax (NRMX) and the ten (10) Normax SPVs is a requirement for calling the €300 million SSF. Therefore, Normax has developed a strategic listing plan in order for the Normax SSF to enable liquidity benefits for all investors, over time.

NRMX is currently planning primary/secondary market listings in Switzerland (SIX) and Canada (CSE). The SIX prospectus is drafted for completion and listing activities in Q1/2024.

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Equity Story for NRMX Listing with
AI-enabled Healthcare Data Service Products:
MedicalGPT and BioSecureGPT

The NRMX equity story for listings is to introduce two new Generative AI tools that will be at the forefront of:

  1. Knowledge sharing and learning with safe AI for doctors and patients.
  2. Scientific discovery and innovation with safe AI for scientists and industry.

MedicalGPT™ is a state-of-the-art Generative AI system for personalized medicine learning and knowledge-sharing conversations, which is trained to follow an instruction or query in a prompt and provide a detailed and scientifically annotated response to the user.

MedicalGPT is designed for knowledge sharing, learning and discovery by MDs and Patients.

BioSecureGPT™ enables the use of AI systems for scientific development and discovery, with humanitarian and social benefits, for provable AI Bio Security.

BioSecureGPT™ is designed for knowledge sharing, learning and discovery by Scientists and Industry.

MedicalGPT v1.0 and MedicalGPT 2.0

MedicalGPT™ is a digital twin AI system of BioSecureGPT™
running in hosted BiocommAI Data Center for provably safe AI data services.

BioSecureGPT v1.0 and BioSecureGPT v2.0

BioSecureGPT™ is a digital twin AI system of MedicalGPT™
running in hosted BiocommAI Data Center for provably safe AI data services.

NRMX Delivery to Market

Artificial IntelligenceI (AI) is the most important technology since the Gutenberg press.

Today, safe AI has become the de facto requirement for regulatory compliant AI services.

MedicalGPT™ and BioSecureGPT™ are among the safest Generative AI data services in the market today, for MDs and Patients and Scientists and Industry.

The current AI investment climate will empower a compelling equity story for leading QIB investors in NRMX Q1 2024 listing with follow-on listings of ten (10) NRMX SPVs for superior scaling, growth, and market performance.

The SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX) is highly relevant for Series B+ issuers, Swiss SMEs and corporate spin-offs with growth ambitions. Advantages include:

In absolute terms SIX is the 3rd largest European stock exchange

With a listing at SIX, issuers can access US Investors without the need for a SEC registration (rule 144a exemption)

SIX enables benefits for capital intensive industries such as Bio/MedTech and industrial scaling of safe AI data services.

Listed companies can issue new shares for up to 20% of the already outstanding share capital each year without having to issue a prospectus

Normax legal advisors: Switzerland by CMS, and Ireland by MHC, and UK/US by Cooley and Canada by Weirfoulds.

Core Team with 406 Years of Experience (175 years in A.I.)

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Analytics, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biotech, BizDev, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Genetics, Healthcare, Information Technology, Internet, Logistics, Management, Marketing, Medicine, Medtech, Multimedia, Operations, Oncology, Pathology, Physics, Sales, Software Development, Telecom.

We combine leadership of core teams with Business AI Systems for automated management of operations, logistics, programming, product development, customer service, human resources… Currently, AI systems function at human-level expertise, and beyond, in numerous practical fields of automation, with unlimited scalability.

Growth at the Nexus of AI and Biotech

with safe AI data services in synergy with mRNA Technology

Presentation by Peter A. Jensen, CEO & Chairman Normax Biomed and BiocommAI

LSX INV€$TIVAL Showcase and Jefferies London Healthcare Conference

13-16 November 2023

Learn more: Containment of AI is Vital to the Survival of Humanity
About: MedicalGPT at BiocommAI Data Centers for Containment of AI
Please connect with us: Peter A. Jensen at Linkedin
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