11. HOW do mRNA Vaccines work?

mRNA vaccine technology is a transformative new sector of the biopharmaceutical industry which has revolutionised vaccine development through increased speed, safety and cost-effective development leading to the first approved vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic.

How mRNA Vaccines Work

  • mRNA technology allows researchers to fast-track the early stages of vaccine research and development and thereby to produce vaccines faster and more efficiently.
  • Scientists generate an mRNA sequence that codes for a protein target on the virus.
  • The mRNA sequence of base pairs is a molecular blueprint for cells to produce a targeted protein that stimulates a potent immune response.
  • The mRNA vaccine delivery mechanism is using advanced Lipid nanoparticle technology which is a sophisticated and innovative non-viral gene delivery technology.

How mRNA Vaccines will be Manufactured in Vax Factory by Normax

  • Step 1: mRNA Synthesis
  • Step 2: mRNA Purification
  • Step 3: mRNA Encapsulation in Lipid Nanoparticles
  • Step 4: Vaccine Fill and Finish into Glass Vials
  • Step 5: Vaccine Packaging and Delivery
    • For pandemic preparedness, the freeze-drying of vaccines and long-term stockpiling at ambient temperature is expected to be technically possible in the future.

How mRNA Vaccines are Used

  • Step 1: The mRNA Vaccine is clinically assessed for safety and efficacy.
  • Step 2: If found to be safe and efficacious, the vaccine is approved by Regulatory Authorities
  • Step 3: The mRNA Vaccine is injected into the patient
  • Step 4: The mRNA instructions for producing proteins are decoded in the cell to deliver millions of copies of simulated viral protein fragments into the bloodstream.
  • Step 5: These protein fragments stimulate the natural immune system to produce antibodies that will protect the patient when a real virus enters the body.

How mRNA Vaccines are monitored for Safety and Effectiveness

  • Following regulatory approval, safety and effectiveness are continuously monitored.
  • As new virus variants emerge, the existing vaccine can be modified with a newly programmed mRNA sequence in a matter of hours and a newly updated mRNA vaccine could be developed in 6 weeks. This would then undergo safety and efficacy assessment prior to regulatory approval.
How mRNA Vaccines work? (2:25)
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