15. WHAT is the ‘elevator pitch’ (150 words) for Normax?

Normax is in the business of mRNA vaccine Research, Development and Manufacturing.

  • Normax has secured a €300,000,000 capital commitment from a $3.4Bn cornerstone institutional investor for development of mRNA Vaccines and Vax Factory Manufacturing for Transformative Social Impact on Infectious Disease and Pandemic Preparedness.
  • Normax plans to drive down the cost of mRNA Vaccines to save more lives and to deliver sustainable returns for impact investors.
  • Normax plans to deliver safe and effective mRNA vaccines at large scale for about $4 dollars per dose.
  • Normax mRNA vaccine products in development include: (1) mRNA Vax Factory, (2) Universal Coronavirus mRNA Vaccine, (3) Tuberculosis mRNA Vaccine, (4) HIV mRNA Vaccine, (5) Malaria mRNA Vaccine, and (6) Disease-X mRNA Vaccine (e.g. within 100 days).
  • Normax Biomed Ltd (Normax) is based in Cork, Ireland, and London, United Kingdom.

Normax mission is to deliver competitive financial performance with transformative social impact.


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