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Normax Biomed Ltd (Normax) is based in Cork, Ireland, and London, England. Normax is in the business of mRNA vaccine Research, Development and Manufacturing. Normax has secured a €300,000,000 capital commitment from a $3.4Bn cornerstone institutional investor for development of mRNA Vaccines and Vax Factory Manufacturing for Transformative Social Impact on Infectious Disease and Pandemic Preparedness. Normax plans to drive down the cost of mRNA Vaccines to save more lives and to deliver sustainable returns for impact investors. Normax plans to deliver safe and effective mRNA vaccines at large scale for about $4 dollars per dose. Normax mRNA vaccine products in development include: (1) mRNA Vax Factory, (2) Universal Coronavirus mRNA Vaccine, (3) Tuberculosis mRNA Vaccine, (4) HIV mRNA Vaccine, (5) Malaria mRNA Vaccine, and (6) Disease-X mRNA Vaccine (e.g. within 100 days). Normax mission is to deliver competitive financial performance with transformative social impact. NOT AN OFFER TO INVEST.

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