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Vax Factory™ by Normax is designed and constructed in collaboration with our industry leading partners. Our design principles, based on modularity and simplicity, can allow the construction of a GMP mRNA vaccine factory and the production of mRNA vaccines wherever they are needed.

Normax focus is on long-term sustained growth and business development in the international biopharmaceutical industry. The Normax growth plan will create high value employment opportunities.

Modular Factories

Vax Factoryis constructed with automated mRNA Vaccine GMP Manufacturing in GMP Prefab Containers with leading technology vendors and service providers from the mRNA UCV Consortium. The modular nature of the construction will allow the Vax Factories to be less expensive and simpler to put together than a traditional factory.

Deployment and Production Capacity

Normax plans for the first five GMP factories to be running within 18-24 months from funding event with the following capabilities:

Vax Factory™ will have manufacturing capacity of 100 million doses/ year.

The flagship Max Factory will have a manufacturing capacity of up to 2 billion doses/year. Max Factory fill-finish production line is capable of 36,000 2R vials per hour. In a 10R vial, at 0.5ml per dose, the Max Factory capacity is planned to be up to 289,000,000 vaccine doses per month, representing an emergency pandemic preparedness priority fill-finish capacity of up to 5 million vaccine doses in less than 24 hours from delivery of bulk vaccine supply.

Production Process


Rapid research and development of the targeting of mRNA vaccine “code” for highly potent safe and effective prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines against infectious pathogens and diseases.


Upstream processing includes enzymatic generation of mRNA molecules and subsequent encapsulation in lipid nanoparticles (LNP) with impingement jet mixing technology.


Downstream processing includes the unit operations required to purify the mRNA vaccine product ready for final filling into vials for distribution of the product.


A vial filling and closing machine production line capable of continuous production of finished mRNA Vaccine products.

Preferred Vendors and Service Providers for Vax Factory™ by Normax

Leading technology partners and members of the mRNA UCV Consortium engaged to help design and deliver Modular GMP Vax Factory™ by Normax include:

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