Our Mission

Our mission is to drive down the cost of mRNA Vaccines to save more lives and to deliver sustainable returns for impact investors

Normax will participate as a strategic partner in the global ecosystem for transformative research, development and manufacture of safe and effective mRNA vaccines for global public health and pandemic preparedness and prevention, with competitive financial performance. We plan to deliver safe and effective mRNA vaccines at large scale for about $4 dollars a dose.

Our mRNA Vaccines

With mRNA vaccine technology, Normax aims to be a trusted guide for your journey to health and happiness and competitive financial returns via Normax financial mRNA vaccine products to suit most any risk/return appetite. Normax can help with the diseases that are important to you and your customers and generate competitive returns with powerful social impact. Normax has engaged a global team of experts and companies to deliver on the mission for our customers.

Normax will do mRNA vaccine research and development using its own mRNA UCV Consortium, and mRNA vaccine manufacturing by building Vax factories all over the world.

Our Normax Journey

About mRNA Vaccines

mRNA vaccines have been proven safe and effective to save lives and help to end the pandemic. Probably you may have experienced the benefit of mRNA vaccines yourself.

In principle, mRNA vaccine technology can be developed to prevent or treat almost any disease. All life is based on proteins which are programmed by DNA. When DNA is translated into mRNA, your body produces the proteins needed for your life and your health.

Our first Normax mRNA vaccines in development for infectious disease are for COVID, Tuberculosis, HIV and Malaria.

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mRNA UCV Consortium

Normax assembled the mRNA UCV Consortium, founded for the development and delivery of mRNA Vaccines for cancers in humans, and for infectious diseases in humans and animals. The MRNA UCV Consortium comprises over 25 members working in synergy: biomedical industry leaders, engineering specialists and financial experts.

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Vax Factory™ by Normax is the flagship product for a Modular Factory deployment and GMP manufacturing of mRNA Vaccines in cooperation with mRNA UCV Consortium Partners.

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Tuberculosis is the scourge of mankind. Through history, 1 Billion people have died of TB. (1% of all people ever born)

TB and HIV cause 2,400,000 deaths and cost $132 Billion per year ($11 Billion per month, $366 Million per day, every day)

In 1797, Edward Jenner discovered the first vaccine for smallpox. Millions of lives were saved. Sadly; his son Edward died of TB in 1810; his sister Mary died the same year; his sister Anne 2 years later. His wife, Catherine, died of TB in 1815.

The mission of GOAL 2050 is to End the Transmission of Tuberculosis and HIV by 2050 with: (1) low-cost mRNA vaccines at large-scale with Advance Purchase Agreements, (2) low-cost lateral flow tests, (3) affordable treatments, (4) mobile Electronic Health Record (EHR) data recording with HIPAA/GDPR compliance, and (5) local vaccine confidence & education campaigns. Over 30 years, ending transmission of TB and HIV could save 72,000,000 lives and $3.9 Trillion healthcare dollars.


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