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Normax Biomed Limited (Normax) is an mRNA Vaccine research and development and manufacturing company located in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Normax is dedicated to deliver mRNA Vaccines for infectious diseases to help support the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING (Goal 3) to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, in synergy with the 17 Goals of The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations (UN).

Normax is committed to deliver competitive financial performance for investors.

Why mRNA Vaccines

In principle, mRNA vaccine technology can be developed to prevent or treat any disease. mRNA Vaccines have been proven safe and effective to save lives and help end the pandemic.

Our aim is to develop and manufacture mRNA Vaccines for a wide array of diseases with our partners from the mRNA UCV Consortium and Vax Factory. This collaborative process will enable Normax to market mRNA vaccines for large scale advance purchase agreements (APA) at an affordable price of about $4 dollars per dose.

Our Purpose. Our Process. Our Result.

WHY. Our Purpose.
Deliver mRNA Vaccines to save lives.
  • Help Enable Pandemic Preparedness
  • Support Global Public Health
  • Help Prevent and Cure Disease
  • Save Lives and Prevent Human Misery
  • Help to prevent future Pandemics

HOW. Sustained Process.
Safe and effective mRNA Vaccines.
  • People, Partners and Knowledge
  • Leading Science and Technology
  • Private and Public Impact Investment
  • Advance Purchase Agreements (APA)
  • Vaccine Manufacturing in modular GMP Vax Factories

WHAT. Collective Results.
Affordable mRNA Vaccines for all.
  • mRNA Vaccines for Disease and Cancers
  • Vaccine Manufacturing and Fill-Finish
  • mRNA Vaccine Platform
  • mRNA Vaccines for Public Health
  • Support Pandemic Preparedness for all

Our Team

We have recruited a skilled, balanced and diverse key executive team with average 25 years experience per key executive
Peter A. Jensen MFA BSc

CEO & Chairman, Normax Biomed Limited

Biologist. Leader. Collaborator. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Producer. Innovator. CEO.

Mr. Jensen is a high-performance CEO and business manager with extensive expertise in life sciences, computer sciences, mobile, multimedia, entertainment, fintech, finance and distributed ledger technology. Mr. Jensen earned a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at UCLA Motion Picture Film and Television Producer’s Program (1988) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biological Sciences at UCSB (1980) magna cum laude. Mr. Jensen is an experienced key executive business manager and entrepreneur with a superlative track record.

Mr. Jensen invented and delivered: (i) the world’s first mobile app for Ericsson (1999) on the first prototype smartphone, (ii) the world’s first real-time tissue realistic 3D surgical training system for robotic laparoscopic surgery, with SINTEF and The Intervention Centre centre for image guided and minimally invasive therapy at Oslo University Hospital and (iii) a 50x for early-stage investors in The Mobile Media Company (2000). Mr. Jensen is focused on development of investment products for competitive ROI and extraordinary social impact.

Innovative achievements over 36 years
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Controller. FCA. (40 years)
Chief Medical Officer (CMO) & Clinical Bioinformatics. MD FACMI FACP (35 years)
Chief Medical Officer (CMO) & Clinical Vaccine Safety. MD PhD MPP (40 years)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) USA. MBA. (35 years)
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). BSc. MEng. (35 years)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) MSc. (20 years)
Chief Software Engineer. PhD (25 years)
Vice President Finance. CPA (35 years)
Vice President Projects. M.Arch (10 years)
Vice President Projects. MSc. (15 years)
Vice President Projects. MBA (15 years)
Vice President Administration. RN (10 years)

Normax has engaged Deloitte (Ireland) for Tax, Governance, Risk, Sustainability and Technical Accounting Advisory Services and Deloitte (UK) for Location Advisory Services and Human Resource (HR) Advisory. Normax has engaged Grant Thornton (Ireland) for Audit Services. Normax has engaged Mason Hayes & Curran (Ireland) and CMS (Switzerland) and Cooley (UK) as legal advisors.

Our Board of Directors

Peter A. Jensen, MFA BSc


Martin W. Stevens, FCA


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