Normax secures €300,000,000 capital commitment from Global Emerging Markets (GEM) for research and development and manufacturing of mRNA Vaccines for transformative global social impact

Normax plans to use capital finance to scale mRNA Vaccine Research and Development with Vax Factory Manufacturing for Transformative Social Impact on Infectious Diseases, Rare Diseases, Cancers and Pandemic Preparedness

July 11, 2022, 12:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – PRESS RELEASE. NOT AN OFFER. SEE DISCLAIMER.

DUBLIN, Ireland — The mRNA vaccine technology company Normax Biomed Limited (“Normax”), today announced a €300 Million investment commitment from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS (“GEM”), the $3.4 Billion, Luxembourg based, private alternative investment group that focuses on emerging markets with offices in Paris, Nassau (Bahamas) and New York.

Under the agreement, GEM will provide Normax with a Share Subscription Facility (“SSF”) of up to €50 Million for a 36 month term following the public listing of the Normax common stock, and an SSF of up to €250 Million for up to ten specialized Normax Subsidiary Companies (“SPV”) of Normax Group. Normax will control the timing and maximum amount of each drawdown under the facility and has no minimum subscription obligation. Normax plans to list on SIX Swiss Exchange and/or SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) and/or London Stock Exchange with digital Normax mRNA Vaccine and Vax Factory SPV listings on SDX.

The SSF entered into with GEM Global Yield LLC SCS, Luxembourg, and GEM Yield Bahamas Ltd (collectively “GEM”) is a EUR 300 million facility over three (3) years and allows Normax to draw down funds at its option in exchange for Normax common shares. The mechanics of the GEM facility allow for multiple draw-downs, the amount being in a range related to the trading volume and price of the Normax shares. Normax will control the timing and maximum amount of any draw-down, and has the right, not the obligation, to draw down on the full committed amount. The draw-down amount is based on 90% of the average closing price and the average volume of the Normax common shares of the last 15 trading days. The consideration for the GEM facility is due for payment by Normax in twelve months from the listing of the shares on SIX Swiss Exchange and can be paid by way of Normax shares. In addition, GEM has been granted warrants to purchase Normax shares.

“Normax is on a social mission to redress global healthcare inequity caused by the profiteering pharmaceutical industry. Following our €300 million capital commitment in Normax, we plan to deliver research and development of mRNA vaccines for COVID, TB, HIV, and Malaria and deploy modular mRNA Vaccine Factories, ultimately in up to 100 locations. In the event of another public health emergency we are also committed to delivering future mRNA vaccines in 100 days, to help ensure that COVID-19 is the last pandemic we will all suffer through. Deadly diseases wait for no man and no market. Despite adverse market conditions Normax will go to market in 2022 because it’s the right thing to do. This can be good news for investors seeking fundamental value opportunities. Our Normax core business of mRNA vaccine R&D and manufacturing can deliver sustainable returns on fundamental healthcare needs that biologically will last forever. Pathogens are inevitable, but diseases are not,” says Peter A. Jensen, CEO and Chairman of Normax.

About GEM

Global Emerging Markets (“GEM”) is a $3.4 billion alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets and has completed over 480 transactions in 70 countries from 5 continents. GEM’s investment vehicles provide the group and its investors with a diversified portfolio of asset classes that span the global private investing spectrum. Each investment vehicle has a different degree of operational control, risk-adjusted return and liquidity profile. Our family of funds and investment vehicles provide GEM and its partners with exposure to: Small-Mid Cap Management Buyouts, Private Investments in Public Equities (PIPEs) and select venture investments. More company information at

About Normax

Normax Limited is incorporated in Ireland. Not an offer to invest. See Red Herring Disclosure. More company information can be found at

Outbreaks are inevitable. Pandemics are not. The mission of Normax is to participate as a strategic partner in the global ecosystem for transformative research, development and manufacture of safe and effective mRNA vaccines for global public health and pandemic preparedness and prevention.

Vax Factory by Normax. With a focus on partnership and open science, we are developing the future of mRNA Vaccines through shared scientific expertise, agility and innovation, for the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious disease and long-term sustained pandemic preparedness and prevention. Our vision is to create a Freedom to Operate (FTO) ecosystem for mRNA Vaccines, where research and development will co-exist with established GMP manufacturing at large-scale, small-scale and micro-scale.

How mRNA Vaccines Work. mRNA vaccine technology is a transformative new sector of the biopharmaceutical industry which has revolutionized vaccine development through increased speed, safety and cost-effective development leading to the first approved vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic. mRNA technology allows researchers to fast-track the early stages of vaccine research and development and thereby to produce vaccines faster and more efficiently.

Universal Coronavirus mRNA Vaccine. The goal of the Universal Coronavirus mRNA Vaccine (UCV-mRNA) in development by Normax with Vax Factory and the UCV mRNA Consortium is to help solve the urgent global need for a one-time COVID-19 booster to save lives, to help to control endemic SARS-CoV-2, and to support innovation for future pandemic preparedness.

Tuberculosis mRNA Vaccines. The mission of the Normax Tuberculosis mRNA Vaccine project is to deliver a vaccine in record time with a functional test to save lives. It is easier, safer and cheaper to produce a safe and effective vaccine for Bovine tuberculosis first, since M. bovis which causes Bovine tuberculosis is 99% the same Mycobacterium which causes Tuberculosis in humans and because challenge trials for animals are a faster and more efficient to prove safety and efficacy, for future pandemic preparedness.

End Transmission of TB and HIV by 2050. Tuberculosis (TB) is endemic and about 1.4 million people die every year from TB with the cost estimated at sixty-five billion dollars per year. HIV is endemic and about 1 million people die every year from complications of HIV/AIDS with the cost also estimated at sixty-five billion dollars per year. GOAL 2050 is the global campaign to end the transmission of Tuberculosis and HIV by 2050.

Normax AAA mRNA Vaccine Bond. The initial investment for GOAL 2050 is planned to be generated from private investment in the Normax AAA mRNA Vaccine Bond (Normax-AAA) up to eight hundred million euros. The AAA bond finance will be used for development and manufacturing of transformative mRNA vaccines in the new Vax Factory with modular localized mRNA vaccine factory scaling model. NOT AN OFFER TO INVEST.

Normax Story in 1-6 minutes: mRNA Vaccine R&D and Manufacturing

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