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Normax Biomed participates in the Back to the Future of Healthcare – THE ROAD TO IRELAND – with Pharma’s Almanac and the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Ireland Chapter

As Pharma’s Almanac embarks on the 4th installment of our epic Road To series, Normax takes part in the ride — Back to the Future of Healthcare. Covering over 1,000 miles of stunning Irish landscape, the Road to Ireland welcomed Normax for an interview to share the latest developments of Normax, based in Cork, Ireland.





Pharma Almanac embarks on their 4th journey worldwide to discover “the next big thing in pharma”. For this adventure they have chosen Ireland – a country that is a pillar of global pharma/biopharma discovery, production & launch. September 3-18th the road trip will cover 1,000 miles around Ireland visiting Dublin, Galway, Cork, Waterford, Interviewing 37 companies, and Discovering what’s next in pharma in Ireland on a local and global level.

On September 6th at the National Institute of Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) at University College Dublin (UCD), Normax was interviewed by Nigel Walker, CEO of That’s Nice, a Science Agency, for The Road To Ireland campaign by Pharma Almanac, in cooperation with the PDA Ireland Chapter.

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The Normax Interview

The interview questions answered by Normax included:

  1. How is Normax working to realize the future of healthcare? 
  2. How have the last few years transformed the mRNA vaccine field? 
  3. What diseases are you currently developing mRNA vaccines against? 
  4. Can you explain the Vax Factory concept and why it’s the right vaccine approach? 
  5. What can you share about Normax’s culture and values and how they drive your mission?
VIDEO DAY 2 in DUBLIN (4:00)

We pivoted to mRNA Vaccine R&D as a business and also scaled down smaller vaccine factories that could be modularly manufactured and distributed and have a distributed CDMO business model that could fit with our Vaccine R&D business. We think that there could be literally 100’s maybe even 1000’s of products that could address diseases. Whether that be infectious disease, or cancers, immunotherapies. It’s part of nature, obviously. mRNA is in every cell- every body. DNA in every cell. So this is transformative business. We are excited about saving lives, frankly.
– Peter A. Jensen, CEO & Chairman, Normax

About the Pharma Industry in Ireland

  • 85+ biopharmaceutical companies
  • 62,500+ biopharma/medtech employees
  • 1,000% growth in biomanufacturing sites since 2003
  • €80 Billion of exports
  • 9/10 top companies have operations in Ireland
  • Manufactures 5 of the world’s top 20 medicines
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About Pharma’s Almanac Audience

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About PDA Ireland Chapter

The mission of PDA is to promote the exchange of rapidly evolving information on the latest technology and regulations. As a registered non-profit affiliate of PDA International, PDA Ireland aims to deliver on this mission by:

  • Providing events and processes to facilitate the sharing of best practices, technologies, and regulations to meet the tactical and strategic needs of you, our members.
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  • Providing a great networking opportunity for you, our members, to connect with like-minded professionals, subject matter experts, and regulators.
  • Serving as a networking forum for manufacturers, young professionals, academia, and service providers engaged in the pharmaceutical/ biopharmaceutical industry in Ireland.

Our activities are delivered voluntarily. Our success depends on the willingness of our volunteers to share experiences, plan and organise events, engage in PDA interest groups, or contribute to future technical reports. Continuing to build our membership is key to enabling us to achieve our goals. We all face similar opportunities and challenges in our professional lives; our chapter network can strengthen our ability to face these with confidence.

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At PDA, our mission is to advance pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical manufacturing science and regulation so members can better serve patients.

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