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Normax Purpose, Culture and Values

Our purpose is to deliver safe, effective and affordable
mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics to help save lives.

Our Normax Culture. Good to embrace. Easy to understand:

Persistent. Passionate. Progressive. Productive. Personal.


We are innovative and relentless in our battle against pathogens and disease


We build strong and diverse teams with passion for success


We think and act like stakeholders with pride of ownership


We are smart, effective, talented, collaborative, persistent


We strive for our customers to love us and our mRNA Vaccine products

Our Normax Culture and Values

mRNA Vaccines have changed the world.

How we succeed

How do our people – our Normaxers – succeed and prosper at Normax which exists within the highly regulated global biopharmaceutical industry?

  • Why not manufacture a pill for $1 dollar – a pill you might need everyday to survive but can get nowhere else – and then sell it for up to $1,000 dollars a dose? No money? Tough Luck. Why not? NO. Because, this is not our business.
  • We believe that every person should have affordable access to life-saving mRNA Vaccines.
  • We plan to deliver mRNA Vaccines at scale for infectious diseases for about $4 per dose.
  • Our mission is to deliver 100 novel mRNA Vaccines and 100 Vax Factories in the near future.

How do we plan to achieve that? The short answer is easily understood by the simple fact that it will cost Normax about $2 per dose to manufacture mRNA Vaccines at large scale in our Vax Factories…

AND, our Normax Culture and Values will support our Normaxers to deliver on our mission.

Our Normaxers foundation: our culture and our values

Learn more about the principles that guide our work and ensure we all have the same focus: doing what is best for our company and our customers.

“Thousands of years ago, variola virus (smallpox virus) emerged to cause illness and hundreds of millions of deaths. Since the invention by Edward Jenner in 1796 of the first vaccine ever, for the extremely deadly smallpox virus, vaccines have vastly transformed human history and billions of lives for the better! But, there are over 10,000 diseases and only about 500 are treatable – we have a lot of work to do! mRNA Vaccine technology really is just like the “digitization of vaccines”. Think of what this means: “transformation from analog to digital”… For example, over 7 billion doses of safe and effective mRNA Vaccines have vastly changed our world for the better by saving over 20 million lives in less than 2 years (2021-22). mRNA Vaccines have been instrumental in heralding the beginning-of-the-end of the COVID-19 pandemic- but it’s not over yet! We are not just an innovative biopharma company, we are a transformative technology company in a rapidly evolving data-driven business, in which the safety and health and happiness of our customer is at the center of everything we do. We develop our own technology, we systematize and optimize the extreme complexity of our industry, and we conduct data-driven research and development of mRNA Vaccine products for safe and effective and affordable outcomes for our customers. Our mRNA Vaccines for common infectious diseases simply stimulate your own natural immune system to work better for your own health and happiness, and also for better public health outcomes – for the cost of a hamburger… Wow. Now, there is no doubt whatsoever that mRNA Vaccines can help to control infectious diseases, to treat cancers, to treat common and rare diseases and to save lives. We really do love life!” says Peter A. Jensen, CEO & Chairman of Normax.

This summarizes how we work and prioritize everything at Normax – and it embodies our 5 core values etched in our memory.

  1. We are innovative and relentless in our battle against pathogens and disease;
  2. We build strong and diverse teams with passion for success;
  3. We think and act like stakeholders with pride of ownership;
  4. We are smart, effective, talented, collaborative, persistent and, above all,
  5. We strive for our customers to love us and our mRNA Vaccine products. How we succeed

Here, we explain for you what our culture and values mean and how they will help us to succeed in our mission to help our customers live safer, happier and more prosperous lives, free from diseases.

1. We are innovative and persistent in our battle against pathogens and disease;

  • We fight pathogens and disease for our customers with our hearts, our minds, our technology, our infrastructure and our financial products which are developed for our impact investors, big and small.
  • We pursue bold goals with safe, effective and transformative mRNA Vaccine products.
  • We persist until we reach our goals- no matter the time it takes.
  • Pathogens are inevitable. Diseases are not.
  • Outbreaks are inevitable. Pandemics are not.

Unfortunately, three things in life are truly inevitable: Death, Taxes and Pathogens. Fortunately for all of us, one more thing in life is truly inevitable: Change. Since the 2020 lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, Normax has been innovating our business development to empower people and help give them control of their health and their lives, with the goal to deliver more freedom from disease and pathogens. We plan to help our customers to do this by delivering safe, effective and affordable mRNA Vaccine products and then following our customers with outstanding consumer safety, service and support, known as “pharmacovigilance”, for sustained mRNA Vaccine safety after approval(s).

We started as a small biotech in the middle of the pandemic and we plan to grow rapidly in the next few years to become the largest digital independent mRNA Vaccine biotech company in the world, with over 100 mRNA Vaccine products and 100 Vax Factories in more than 50 countries.

On 11 July, 2022, Normax announced a €300,000,000 capital commitment in a pre-IPO Share Subscription Facility (SSF) by a $3.4 billion alternative investment fund.

The Normax group plans someday soon to become a global leader in mRNA Vaccine technology and the largest digital independent mRNA Vaccine biotech company in the world.

2. We build strong and diverse teams of excellence

  • We hire and retain the best talent.
  • We treat all Normaxers as contributing stakeholders, no matter function, team or seniority.
  • We seek to receive and give decided and constructive feedback to each other with radical truth and radical transparency – one of our keys to success.
  • We trust and hold each other accountable for safety and compliance in everything we do.
  • We strive for diversity, inclusion and excellence.
  • We discuss constructively and commit ourselves to making decisions for safety and efficacy of our mRNA Vaccine products.
  • We adhere to the strictest quality standards for delivery of regulatory approved safe and effective mRNA vaccine products for our customers.

At Normax, we hire people who have their heads full of ambitions rather than concerns: we expect that 70% of our employees will not come from the traditional pharmaceutical drug industry. Our Normaxers can expect to benefit from the most up-to-date and comprehensive training and Human Resources (HR) support in our industry with exemplary payment, benefits and rewards.

We value teamwork and we firmly believe in creating a welcoming environment in which our people are free to be who they really are and have an active voice in the future of Normax. As of 2023, out of the planned 2,000+ Normaxers across about ten different countries, 50% of us will probably identify as women and perhaps 10% of our employees may self declare as part of the LGBT+ community. We will all take pride in our goals, including our GOAL 2030 proof-of-concept and our GOAL 2050.

3. We think and act like stakeholders, entrepreneurs and innovators, not only employees

  • We are protagonists and act on what concerns us.
  • We do the best for the company, not for specific individuals or teams.
  • We do work on our own personal growth, supported by our culture and values.
  • We work virtually, from home, or onsite at our local Vax Factory and offices, as needed.
  • We operate in a high trust, highly regulated, extremely safe environment, for which we are proud to be a part of with the rest of our Normaxer community.

We encourage people to act on what they see; to ask questions; to raise their concerns. We share information and trust our teams will know how to handle them. It’s every team’s job to be innovative. We give everyone a great deal of responsibility and encourage people to embrace change with safety and data perfection first, for regulatory compliance and ultimately for customer safety and satisfaction.

Someday soon, Normax plans to be known as the Most Innovative Company in the Biopharma Industry and one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world.

We are always looking for people who are willing to innovate, to learn from errors, to systematize safety and adhere to the highest standards of regulatory compliance for our mRNA Vaccine products and GMP Vax Factory manufacturing deployments across the world.

4. We pursue smart efficiency for the safety, efficacy and affordability of our products

  • We look for simple and scalable solutions to grow efficiently.
  • We are innovative in any dimension that can bring efficiency and transparency in technological, organizational, logistical, communications, and financial performance.
  • We take care in how we use our resources: our time, our people, our customer service, our funding, our reputation, our systems and equipment, our stakeholders, vendors and partners.

At Normax, we develop our mRNA Vaccine R&D and Vax Factory systematic management technology in-house – and that is one of our competitive advantages. Our teams work in squads, multidisciplinary groups with a common goal and appropriate autonomy to solve their problems – whether they are creating a new mRNA Vaccine product, launching a new campaign or launching a new Vax Factory.

One of the best ways to keep our teams aligned and efficient is by having our QA and compliance services and partners working side-by-side with our product teams. Our Normaxers, as we call our people, share valuable and timely information regarding the safety and efficacy of our products for our customers – and thus help speed up the process of mRNA Vaccine product development to assure we are being efficient and addressing the most urgent needs of our customers. There are over 10,000 diseases and only about 500 are treatable. We have a lot of work to do, our market is forever, and the global needs of our customers are vast. Our goal is to deliver new mRNA Vaccines in 100 days.

Normaxers benefit from collaboration with the Normax mRNA UCV Consortium, an extremely talented group of Partners, Service Providers, Stakeholders, Supporters and Vendors.

5. We strive for our customers to love us and to love our mRNA Vaccine products

  • We work by reviewing our processes from the real data-driven requirements of our product safety and efficacy.
  • We will only offer the most safe, effective and affordable option within each disease in which we choose to develop safe, effective and affordable mRNA Vaccines.
  • We empower customers to make their own decisions and respect their choice to benefit from our mRNA Vaccine products, or not.
  • We support local and global Vaccine Confidence Campaigns for social impact and to save lives, in cooperation with The Vaccine Confidence Project (VCP)

Our mRNA Vaccines are developed and manufactured to offer the safest, most effective and affordable access to our products- however, if any customer does need to get in touch with Normax, we have 24/7 customer support by phone, e-mail, chat and social networks.

Our communications are transparent and regulatory compliant. We always provide correct data and information to our customers to the absolute best of our knowledge. Pharmacovigilance and vaccine confidence is vital to the value and embrace of our mRNA Vaccine Products. For example, reporting of potential adverse events experiences are made easy for our customers and Normax follow-up of customer safety and satisfaction is extremely important.

By 2025, the Normax NPS (Net Promoter Score) goal is to be 85% or better, which means 85 percent of our customers are very satisfied and would recommend our mRNA Vaccine products to their friends and family.

We currently plan to have Normaxers in at least twelve countries – Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, and South Africa – and we are always looking for talented people who want to help us save more lives with our safe, effective and affordable mRNA Vaccine products for our customers.

Unfortunately, our business to fight disease and pathogens is a “forever business” – but we can make a difference in the lives of tens of millions of people with our safe, effective and affordable mRNA Vaccine products.

Why? How? What?

WHY. Our Purpose.
Deliver mRNA Vaccines to save lives.
  • Help Enable Pandemic Preparedness
  • Support Global Public Health
  • Help Prevent and Cure Disease
  • Save Lives and Prevent Human Misery
  • Help to prevent future Pandemics

HOW. Sustained Process.
Safe and effective mRNA Vaccines.
  • People, Partners and Knowledge
  • Leading Science and Technology
  • Private and Public Impact Investment
  • Advance Purchase Agreements (APA)
  • Vaccine Manufacturing in modular GMP Vax Factories

WHAT. Collective Results.
Affordable mRNA Vaccines for all.
  • mRNA Vaccines for Disease and Cancers
  • Vaccine Manufacturing and Fill-Finish
  • mRNA Vaccine Platform
  • mRNA Vaccines for Public Health
  • Support Pandemic Preparedness for all

Our purpose is to deliver safe, effective and affordable

mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics to help save lives.

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